Beautiful Origami Art by Sipho Mabona

Swiss origami master Sipho Mabona created these incredible works of art.

"When I started to design origami most of what I knew was through books and the internet. I never took a course or anything of that kind. Meanwhile, I've met many other origami designers from around the world and, by doing so, I've increased my arsenal of design strategies. Over the years, however, I've realized that I'm able to develop my own, original design strategies and approaches."

"When I started doing original designs I often looked for challenging subjects like insects or things of that nature. Often these were creatures that have a large number of appendages...they're very complex and time consuming to fold. But nowadays I mostly look for subjects that can be used for installations or fit a concept that I want to depict. And then, of course, I also do commercial commissions. Lately, those have proven to be useful to push my designing skills in directions I would otherwise probably not have explored."

"20 hours is the longest I took to fold a piece. It was a trilobite with all of its 32 legs and 8 antennae. But the designs I've been using for the installations don't take quite that long to fold. Their folding time ranges anywhere from around 1 to 3 hours. The design process, however, is a lot more time consuming. Although, at times, I might come up with an initial concept of how to fold something within a few minutes, it mostly takes me anywhere from around a week to half a year to finalize a design and I often keep refining those designs over the years."

"I've always had a great love for nature and a natural interest in animals. It's probably this fascination plus origami, even in its most traditional form, often represents animals and has a long history in doing so."

The origami artist also created a life-sized elephant made of a 15 square meters sheet of paper. The finished work weighs roughly 250 kilograms and over 3 meters high.

Mabona had to be supported by up to ten assistants during the folding process.

Check his website: and flickr

Source: mymodernmet


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