Geometric Paper Sculptures by Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Stuttgart-based designer Wolfram Kampffmeyer creates these DIY geometric paper animal sculptures that resemble to 3d computer models.

“It was difficult working with virtual models all the time and never being able to really touch them! Then I found a program that lets me transform a 3D model into a papercraft kit. That was 2010 and this was the beginning of PAPERWOLF”

“I played around a bit and then developed the first model exclusively for making it out of paper. And one thing came to the next – and BANG, the Big Five series (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard) was born”

“The only limitation is the number of polygons a model can have. If there are too many, you will need a long time to assemble. And if they are too tiny, you will have problems too. So I always try to find a middle way here: I want my animals to have a certain amount of liveliness and still want to be able to put them together in a reasonable time.”

“I want to make the Paper WOLF, a big sculpture half coming out of the wall. And I’m working on a bee and a fish. A Snake and an Owl are finished as prototypes, but not yet published. And I have too many ideas in my head and too little time to make them all…“

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