The Shoe Bakery by Chris Campbell

Designer Chris Campbell creates these high-end shoes that look like various forms of dessert and sell them at his shop, The Shoe Bakery.

Each pair of shoes created using actual tools used by bakers such as a piping bag and can take between two and four weeks to complete and cost between £60 and £200 pounds with custom orders starting from £30.

"The idea for cake-themed shoes came from my love for cake and the creativity, and thought that is put into women's shoes. One day I thought why not combine those loves together and bring something new into women's fashion and that's how the Shoe Bakery was born."

"When starting a design we try and think of common desserts and think about how we can transform them into a shoe. We then sketch out our idea, get the materials we need together then make the magic happen using an acrylic medium. In order to make it look like frosting, we use the same tools that bakers use such as the icing bags and tips."

"People think they are edible all the time. When we first came out with our shoes, most of our time was spent explaining to people that they are not edible."

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Source: dailymail


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