Paperholm by Charles Young

Edinburgh-based Charles Young creates these miniature paper scenes that move, using watercolor paper, for his series called 'Paperholm'.

"In my design projects I used model-making as a way of sketching and developing ideas."

It took him from 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete each piece, depending on the complexity.

"Over the last three months I really got to know the material that I'm working with a lot better. By trying to make different shapes with the paper you get to learn its limits in terms of how much it will bend and how finely you can cut it."

"The paper that I've been using is just ordinary watercolor paper but it has a good balance between its flexibility and its strength. The most important thing is simply to use a sharp blade to cut with, this allows you to get good straight edges and to pick out fine detail."

All images are © Copyright of Charles Young

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