Realistic Food Hats by Maor Zabar

Israeli artist Maor Zabar created this Food Hat Collection made of felt, plastic and wire.

“When I discovered I had Crohn’s disease, I was forced to start a special diet and was unable to eat many of the foods I have always loved. So instead of eating them, I created them out of felt and fibers and made them into beautiful fascinators.”

"I am able to eat what I like now but I still love making new additions to my Food Hat collection."

“I do believe my work is unique and I hope people see that.”

“I have a hunger and an urge to create beautiful headpieces for women to wear that will make them feel glamorous but still unique, creative and sometimes even humorous.”

“My hats are designed with a wink in the eye and a tongue in the cheek and I think that is what my customers really respond to.”

“People buy hats from be because they want something that stands out from the crowd and I am more than happy to oblige.”

Check his Etsy store

Source: daiymail


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