Time and Matter Photography by Bill Fink

Artist and photographer Bill Fink produced these photograph-like images out of any material, he called ‘Time and Matter Photography’.

"Flowers" - Made Entirely from the Pollen of these flowers

“Photography makes an image from light reflecting off materials. Time and Matter Photography can capture the image and the material together as one, and since everything that exists is material or matter, it makes sense that materials are important!”

"Fig Tree" - Made with twigs from fig tree

“For example: some people are willing to pay a lot of money for the glove of Michael Jackson, or the gown of a movie star, but how important would a picture be if a teaspoon of John Lennon’s ashes was turned into his memorial picture, or if some of Paul McCartney’s hair was turned into his picture, or if a picture of Neil Armstrong was made of moon rock, or if a picture of the Hindenburg was made from a scrap of fabric from the Hindenburg."

"Chicken" - Made entirely from eggshells

“Time and Matter Photography creates more than a mere image; it produces an artifact that becomes a piece of history. It also creates one of a kind artwork. It allows for experimentation in other fields like making pictures with enameling, glass and ceramic decorating, leafing metals, or perhaps even scientific or criminal photography documentation.”

"Quaker Oats" - Picture made with Quaker Oats

"Spruce Goose" - Made with wood from Spruce Goose

"Mission" - Made Entirely of soil (from location) San Francisco De Asis Church, New Mexico

"Bob" - Made entirely from Bob’s ashes

"Mom and Me" - Made entirely of Mom's hair

"My Eye" - Made entirely of Bill Fink’s hair

Check his website: http://timeandmatterphotography.com/

Source: odditycentral


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