Psychedelic Art by Bruce Riley

Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley creates these beautiful psychedelic art made from layer after layer of dripped paint and poured resin.

“You can’t have any other intent but moving. You can’t worry about it, you can’t stop, you can’t choke. It’s obvious when it works. It’s obvious when it fails.”

“The paintings aren’t about specific things, they’re all about kind of the same thing. And I’m not really trying to define any ideas, I just let it flow.”

“My favorite part is laying down the paint and figuring out what to do before it sets up.”

“I’m addicted to the psychological risk taking that is part of unknowing. When I work too much from a place of intent the life leaves a piece and it becomes about me and not what I see“

“My approach is a bit ‘hands off’ compared to more traditional ways of applying paint. So I’ve gotten used to accidents. I’ll leave really ugly passages to dry that with a light glaze latter become the most glowing part of a painting”

“The resin is not the greenest artist material to be using. I try to rationalize this by telling myself that I’m a rabid recycler, re-user, non car-owning, non jet-riding gardener…”

“I find it hard to be free of my conditioning in fact it might not be possible so I decided a long time ago to feed my organism the conditioning I choose not out of habit but with a mindfulness.”

Check his website: and flickr

Source: boredpanda


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