Steampunk Snow Globes By Camryn Forrest

Artist Camryn Forrest creates these unique steampunk snow globe.

"All my life I have been fascinated with miniatures, from dollhouses to tiny souvenir buildings, to the worlds within snowglobes. At many art galleries and shows, I wondered why I never saw snow globes presented as art, and I began to experiment with making tiny sculptures to place inside globes. In addition, with the rich metallics, brass, leather and wood of my designs, “snow” did not seem right, so the floating glitter in this liquid is copper, gold, silver, and rich pewter in tone, glimmering as it sinks and swirls slowly."

Check her website: and etsy store


Camryn Forrest said...

What a wonderful surprise!
So glad you enjoy the snow globes. We have a blast imagining them and bringing them to life.

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