Flip Tales: Notebook Animations Turn Names Into Animals

The artists behind Flip Tales website writes a name and transformed it into an animal.

"Flip Tales are a series of personal flipbooks. When you flip the pages of each book, the name shown on the front cover will animate and transform into one of many animals."

"I used to make fun little animations on post-it note pads showing all kinds of transformations of one thing into another when you flipped the pages. One day I happened to animate a friend’s name turning into the shape of a cartoon chicken. This led to me occasionally making similar little flipbooks showing friends’ names morphing into various creatures. While passing through gift shops during a vacation a few years later, I encountered several displays of key chains and license plates that one finds with common names printed on them. I made the connection between these styles of personalized novelty gifts with the flipbooks that I used to draw and decided to create a whole series of personalized flipbooks as a result."

"There are two things that I try to take into account when matching names to animals. One: before animating any name transformations, I separated my animal illustrations into two groups, groups of animals that boy names would turn into, and a group of animals that girl names would turn into. There were, however, a lot of animals that went into both groups. Two: each letter of a person’s name has to match with a portion of the animal during the transformation, so naturally some animals have shapes and lines in their illustration that are more and less suitable to be matched with certain letters. For instance, a lot of the names that turn into the kangaroo start with the letter “J”. This was because the lower loop of the “J” letter animated nicely into the curved tail of the kangaroo."

They don't receive personal commissions due to the slow and expensive process.

"Animation is a very slow, tedious process, and offering a service of individual commissions for people wanting a specific name morphed into a specific animal would be much too expensive. I am actively trying to expand the number of names that I have available as flipbooks. If you look at the Works-In-Progress page of this website, you will see the names that will become available as flipbooks in the near future."

Check the website: http://www.fliptales.com/


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