Corrugated Cardboard Sculpture by Mark Langan

Artist Mark Langan cuts, folds and glues corrugated cardboard together to produce these eco-friendly artworks to promote recycling and ecology.

"As an artist I am always looking at things from a different perspective even with previous traditional mediums. While breaking down boxes for trash day I happened to notice the wavy medium (called flute) that is sandwiched between the two paper layers of the corrugated box. That layer gives the box its strength. I thought, to myself, that it had the potential of becoming some very creative and artistic sculptures so I asked my neighbor, who was unpacking from a move at the time, to save his boxes for me. When I received them, I started slicing and creating my first interpretive work."

"I will sometimes draw something two or three times until I am satisfied. Then I refine those drawings and place to scale on paper so they are ready to transfer over. Once the frames are built, the artwork is transferred over using graphite paper."

"I use a non-toxic white glue as an adhesive and my tools very simple and straightforward being that of a cutting mat and steel rail, an OLFA brand snap razor knife and a measured rule when applicable. It requires skill, lots of planning, math of course but most importantly a ton of patience."

"Mistakes cannot be erased like a pencil or painted over with a brush stroke. Once in place it is difficult to ”tear out” any errors. "

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Source: emptyeasel, ecompack


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