Sweet and Sugary Floor Installations by Pip & Pop

Working under the pseudonym Pip & Pop, Australian artist Tanya Schultz created these floor installations using pastel coloured sugar, colorful candy, glitter, sand, toys, beads, and other bright objects.

"Pip and Pop started as a collaboration with another Australian artist Nicole Andrijevic in 2007. We used to spend a lot of time in the studio, sitting on the floor and making stuff. It was a very playful process and we gave ourselves nicknames Pip & Pop . Somehow it just stuck. About 3 years ago Nicole decided to pursue a different direction. Most of the works I've made since have been created with the help of other people - either my amazing partner Chad, lovely assistants, volunteers or more formal collaborations with other artists. So the name Pip & Pop still seems to fit this idea of a playful communal process."

"I really love stories about paradise and imaginary worlds, and especially stories about lands made entirely of food. It's a kind of fantasy found in many cultures throughout history. There is the French mythological Land of Cockaigne, a place where sugar rains from the sky and the streets are paved with pastries, or Big Rock Candy mountain, a hobos idea of paradise, or Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I'm fascinated by the idea of a paradise where you could have everything that you possibly desire and more. I also love stories from the places I visit. If I’m creating an installation in another country I always read folk tales and children’s stories from that place. I’m interested in imagined worlds, places that only exist in stories or in our imagination. But I also find travelling super inspirational - going to new places, discovering traditional crafts, flea-markets, visual details, new people and their stories. "

Check her website: http://www.pipandpop.com.au/

Source: hotngoldmag


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