Mosaic Dresses by Julie Richey

Texan artist Julie Richey has created these magnificent mosaic artworks.

"It’s La Corrente (the current) and it was commissioned by a friend. I had this idea for doing a really lovely ball dress. A friend found a dressmakers form and we were off and running. While I was constructing La Corrente, I got the idea to use sealife and plant life. At the same time, I discovered that Giant Asian Sea Kelp is invading the Gulf of Mexico and causing great harm to the ecosystem. In addition to that, the Gulf oil spill and explosion had just happened, so that was saturating the news in my studio as I worked. The client for whom the dress was made is a fan of the Texas gulf coast and goes often on fishing weekends. It seemed a perfect fit. I tried to contrast the ugly reality of the death and destruction with the serene figure of the clean, white gown and its fragile sea spine underskirt."

"It’s called the Night Shirt and it was inspired by trip to San Francisco. I had been doing vertical landscapes for a while…this is a nighttime version of the same concept. But I don’t remember how this became a shirt! It’s just one of those things. I’d had the image in my head for so long, but it kind of leapt into a shirt form unexpectedly."

"What I do know is that it was so hard to make! I used tweezers on it! It was a teeny tiny veneer of mosaic over an undulating concrete form. The only way to get that to work over the undulating form is to use incredibly small tiles. There’s nothing on that shirt that’s more than a 1/4 inch square."

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Source: handfulofsalt


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