Hyper-realistic Paintings by Antonio Santín

Spain-based artist Antonio Santín uses oil paintings to create these hyper-realistic paintings depict an object or a person hidden under highly ornamented tapestries.

"Painting is essentially a superficial activity, the artist’s psychology translates into a certain colored texture that will in turn eventually trigger or host the unique psychology of the beholder. Thus, according to this transitional synesthesia, any represented face is an enlivened mask. My background is sculpture, a discipline that could as well be defined as the development of structural strategies that end up supporting a surface. Not being its main raison d’être, the surface does conceal and contain the essence of the volume, whose physicality permeates its vessel while existing often only in the territory of the imagination. Therefore, whether it is a face, a dress or a rug, for me, it’s all about grasping what is hidden or concealed."

"I don’t really have the deepest knowledge of carpets, but it’s more like intuition. At one point, I saw some ripples in a carpet, and began to be interested in them. I thought there were too many figurative paintings in my production, and I was wondering if I got rid of the figure if I could still make something figurative without an obvious reference. Every carpet is a new world, a different approach. The form itself is very sculptural, and to find the perfect volume for the carpet is endless."

"I like playing with this sublime and sinister combo. What’s inside, what’s underneath? I believe there are many layers of entertainment. It’s high-class entertainment."

"There’s no conscious message in my paintings, there’s nothing I want to say, express or comment on. Nevertheless, I’m aware that art always expresses something despite the creator. Art is pure exhibitionism because it is free, every single unconstrained choice determines or explains loud and clear who you are or who you are not."

Santin is currently exhibiting at Marc Straus Gallery, New York.

Check his website: http://www.antoniosantin.com/

Source: hifructose; blouinartinfo


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