Spherical Origami by Jun Mitani

Japanese artist Jun Mitani folds amazing intricate and minimalist geometric origami models.

"When I was a kid, I didn’t have much interest in folding origami, but in papercraft. I fabricated a lot of paper models, such as cars, ships, buildings, and animals, etc. by cutting and gluing pieces of paper. I felt that origami, just folding, was too restricted. On the other hand, I was enthusiastic about the computer, which my father bought when I was a first-year student in elementary school. As a fusion of two objects of interest, papercraft and computer, the theme of my Ph.D. thesis became a method for designing paper models with the computer. After that research, I thought that I should challenge origami, particularly the geometrical constraint, which is harder than in papercraft. Shortly after starting my origami research, I was surprised how fascinating it was."

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