Paper Bird Sculptures by The Makerie Studio

London-based artist duo Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft of The Makerie Studio (previously here) create incredibly intricate 3D paper bird sculptures using rare and fine papers.

This life size paper peacock sculpture inspired by the cover of The Great Omar, a collection of Persian poems known as the most precious volume ever bound, was produced for London paper merchants Shepherds Bookbinders using papers from their range, and is currently displayed in their Holborn store.

"Wherever possible we use recycled paper, and we always recycle it again. We work in an industry where waste is rife, so we really try not to add to that. Aesthetically, we try and choose the right paper for each project – these are usually very different to each other, and we’re always discovering new finishes, textures and figuring out how they work. We’re lucky to have great suppliers that help us always pick the best quality papers for a job, which makes it all more fun."

"The hardest thing about paper is making it last, and that’s what we’re always trying to improve on. You can spend weeks on a piece and have it ruined in a day because it was put in a damp room, so we try and make everything we do as strong and weatherproof as possible."

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