Glitch Carpets by Faig Ahmed

Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed create these series of traditional Azerbaijani carpets with illusion of a printing or rendering error.

"I make my sketches on computer and then transfer them to special engineering paper dot by dot. After that I pass my sketches to a carpet maker who weaves the carpet using the ancient techniques of the region. All threads are woolen or silken and are dyed with natural colors. The process of weaving is the same as it was 300 years ago."

“The carpet is a symbol of invincible tradition of the East, it’s a visualization of an undestroyable icon. In my art I see the culture differently. This is more of expectation of a reaction because it’s exactly the change of the points of view that changes the world."

"Slight changes in the form of a carpet dramatically change it’s structure and maybe make it more suitable for the modern life. The Eastern culture is very reach visually. I cover it all in minimalistic forms, destroying the stereotypes of the tradition and creating new modern boundaries. A man can widen the borders and change them but no one has ever dare to break our spirit.”

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