Woven Hair Panels by Wenda Gu

New York-based artist Wenda Gu has created these installations panels with hair woven together into beautifully scripted lettering, as part of his ongoing project entitled 'United Nations'.

"United nations is an ongoing world-wide art project initiated in the beginning of 1992"

"United nations art project will travel throughout five continents, in approximately twenty different countries which I have selected due to their historical, civilization and political importance."

"By utilizing the real hair of the local living population, i’m strongly relating to their historical and cultural contexts, to create monumental installations and land arts to capture each country’s identity, building on profound events in each country’s history. These individual installations are national monuments to the whole art project of united nations. The notions such as transculturalism, transnationalism, hybridization are goals of the final ceremony of the project."

"It is such a special journey to create the worldwide art project united nations. A journey that has developed through cultural, political, ethnic, and artistic experiences: as a red guard who painted revolutionary posters during mao’s cultural revolution; for more than ten years working in china; and sixteen years in the rest of the world as an individual artist. Encountering diverse races and world cultures while reshaping their monuments, this path has given me a chance to confront what i have always been fascinated with: the egyptian pyramids; the myths of africa; the roman empire; the american adventure; the berlin wall; and china’s silk road and great wall. These spirits have always been the sources of my inspiration."

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Check his website: www.wendagu.com/


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