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Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” Marshmallows Replica by Michelle Wibowo

Artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art created a life-size replica of Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel painting – 'The Creation of Adam' using 10,000 marshmallows and half a billion cake sprinkles, with the title 'The Baking of Adam'.

It took her 168 hours to complete this 5.7 meters wide by 2.8 meters tall masterpiece, commissioned by the baking company Cake Angels to mark 450 years since the Italian master sculptor died in Rome at the age of 88.

“Britain is currently gripped by baking fever with a real emphasis on unique designs and showmanship. When we learnt of Michelangelo’s anniversary celebrations, we really wanted to join in. We decided to challenge the boundaries of cake design by immortalizing his most heavenly creation in our own special way. No celebration is complete without cake and we really hope that Michelangelo would have given us his official seal of approval.”

To create the artwork, Michelle used a computer software and scanned the original painting. She then put together 24 different colored sprinkles for the replica.

“We used our range of versatile and vibrant sprinkles, proving that even cake can become a fantastic art canvas. The real difficulty was matching his exact scale and style but the possibilities are endless when you have so many textures and colors to choose from.

“Working with so many tiny pieces requires a steady hand. But it could be worse. Michelangelo spent four years hunched under the ceiling, with paint dripping on his face.”

Beyonce Oreo Pops Portrait by Michelle Wibowo

Oreo commissioned food artist Michelle Wibowo to create this edible Oreo portrait of Queen of Pop, Beyoncé, to celebrate her return to a UK stage, after the Glastonbury festival in 2011.

Michelle Wibowo created the five foot by eight foot portrait using 3,780 Oreo pops, made of crushed Oreo cookies mixed with Philadelphia cream cheese and required six weeks of careful planning, creating every single pop by hand and another eight hour placing them at the exact right place.

“When I was asked to create a pop icon portrait using just Oreo pops, new mum and superstar Beyoncé seemed the natural choice. It took a long time to map the exact position for each pop and create a recognizable likeness, but the hardest part of the process was trying not to eat it!”

Each pop was handmade in different consistencies to create 2244 dark pops and 1536 lighter pops; 3780 pops in total.

George Zimmerman Skittles Portrait by Andy Bell

On 26 February 2012, an unarmed black teenager named Trayvon Martin, was shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Martin, only 17 years old, brought a bag of Skittles when he was killed. The rainbow candies have become associated with innocence since. Zimmerman was arrested for second-degree murder.

Andy Bell creates this portrait of Zimmerman, made using 12,000 Skittles entitled 'Fear Itself'.

"Zimmerman’s fear directly resulted in Trayvon Martin being shot and killed. But in the end, the only thing he had to fear was a 17 year old and a bag of Skittles."

Source: huffingtonpost

Conan Obrien Cheetos Portrait by Jaon Baalman

Colorado Springs-based artist Jaon Baalman used over 50 bags of Cheetos (Regular, Flamin’ Hot and Natural Cheetos) to create detailed portraits of pop icons like Conan O’Brien, CeeLo Green and Rachel Ray.

Cheetos also commissioned the artist to create portraits of presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney (previously here). The edible artworks measured 3 feet x 4 feet and using over 2,000 individual Cheetos.

Michael Jordan Gatorade Mosaic

To honor Michael Jordan's induction into the Naismith Memorial, Gatorade created a giant mosaic out of 14,641 Gatorade bottles, including the new Gatorade Limited Edition Jordan Series, stuck upside-down into 200 lightboxes to illuminate the gatorade.

The assembly took a total of 16 hours.


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