Creative Tea Bags

Goldfish Tea Bag

Origami Tea Bag

Hanger Tea Bag

Designed by Soon Mo Kang, these tea bags are shaped like T-shirts with a hanger that hangs on the tea cup.

Calm Tea Bags

Malaysian tea company BOH collaborated with ad agency M&C Saatchi in creating tea bags, packaging and a widget that promote the relaxing effect of their chamomile tea by changing stressing symbols into calm ones once the tea is dissolved.

Using edible ink, the tea bags had stressful icons printed on them, but when dissolved in hot water, the symbols became calmer.

TPod Tea Bags

TPod is a tea bag concept by Elisabeth Soós. They are small paper boats attached to tea bags.

People Tea Bags

During the Seoul design festival 2007, SangSang/Wdaru Studio presented these people tea bags for Maum brand. These fit most common cup size and were packed in an adorable packaging.

Tea for Health Tea Bags

TBWA exclusively designed these 'Tea for Health' tea bags for The House Café that have a different sporting activity attached on to the end of the string.

Butterfly Tea Bags


Cigarettea is a concept design developed by Anton Schnaider, where the tea bags are look like cigarettes.


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