Creative Uses of Car Stickers in Advertising

Collection of clever uses of car stickers in advertisements from all over the world.

Restaurant-bar Le Cactus “Monday Hot Wings”


Le Cactus restaurant-bar communicated the burning effect of spicy wings by putting stickers featuring the face of a men screaming on the rear window of taxis. The man’s tongue is superimposed on the central brake light, creating the effect of extreme heat.

Original Shundi Restaurant


The Japanese cuisine restaurant ‘Original Shundi’ is located at São Paulo’s southern area, a region with lot of competitive restaurant. To overwhelm and attract the local audiece, they used an unusual stickers of a Japanese object, the Shuriken and simulated stuck it in more than 1500 cars parked on the streets within a 2 km range of the restaurant. On each shuriken the message ‘You will never be the samz’ was written.

U.S.O. Exhaust Systems


Stickers designed to look like exhausted tongues were placed on cars aged 5 years old or older.

Aura Car Wash


Agency 1 Point Size in India came up with this interesting sticker campaign. To get the attention of the car owners, stickers were placed on the windshield with the message “The Cleanest Way to do the Dirty Job. AURA CAR WASH.”

Zuritel Car Insurance


The 'Zuritel Car Insurance' sticker challenged the existing car insurance; it had a code typed on the back of the sticker that offered the car owners special packages.

Postbank Privatkredit


Special printed-paper money was placed in the trunks of cars in major German cities to promote 'Postbank Privatkredit'.

Zurich Financial Services


Popup Advertisement

Car Center


To promote a new car center, transparent flyers were placed on the car's windshield with the message 'you have had this car for too long, come visit our Car Center and you'll see nothing is going to be the same.'

Staples Store


A promotional event near to the Staples Store shows cars that are jam-packed, including the driver's seat, with products from Staples, parked clearly visible in high-frequented streets near the store.


Wrangler Jeep


To promote the launch of the new 4-door Wrangler, a cling-on that looks like door handles were stuck on parked 2-door Wranglers.



The stickers were attached to people's parking cars' side-view mirrors. The images show the terrain where only a jeep could go.

Bike Shop Mirror


Peelable stickers were placed on side-view mirrors of parked cars to remind motorists to look before they pull out.



An anti-smoking ad by placing posters of people’s faces with the cut-out mouths strategically placed at the end of cars tailpipes / rubish bin.

Bike Month Mirror


To promote the bike month, clear decals were placed on side-view mirrors of parked cars.

Dogs Mirror

Stickers were placed on side-view mirrors of parked cars in Lisbon, Portugal with message 'This Summer Don't Leave Your Best Friend Behind'.

Erotika Sex Shop Car Window Stickers


An Italian sex shop called ‘Erotika’ covered all of the windows of a car with stickers showing people in rather suggestive poses. The car, situated right outside the door of the shop, featured another sticker that said “Toys you can’t wait to use”.


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