Creative Ways To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight in a fun way, maybe you can try these..


This is a great commercial for Contrex, a French mineral water brand that claims to speed up the weight loss process with exercise due to it's high calcium content.

It begins with a row of electric bikes set up in a line. As curiosity grows, people (mostly women) approach the bikes and trying them out. As they pedal, the bikes power up a neon string of wires that lead to a building in front of them which shows a dancing man doing a “strip dance”. The faster the people pedal, the faster the neon man takes his clothes off. Bottles of Contrex are attached to each of the bikes for the exercisers to try.

At the end, the neon man strips down to just his underwear and leave the screen for a while but comes back with a sign which says, in French: “Bravo! You’ve burned 2000 calories! “. The tag-line for this commercial at the end is: “Losing weight would be easier if it was more fun”.

Volkswagen Piano Staircase

Volkswagen tried to encourage people to take the staircase instead of the escalator. Overnight, a team transformed the stairs at the Odenplan subway station in Stockholm, Sweden, into working a giant functioning piano keyboard.

Volkswagen found 66% more people than normal chose the musical stairs over the escalator.

Nike Treadmill for UNICEF Charity

Nike encouraged passersby to run a while on this interactive billboard (by BBDO) with a built-in treadmill, located in Mexico. For each kilometer run, Nike donates a set amount to UNICEF.


“Training for the 10k doesn’t only help you. For each kilometer run, you will be helping UNICEF. Sign up at”


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