3D Latte Art by Kohei Matsuno

Japan’s barista Kohei Matsuno creates these amazing pop-out latte artworks that are simply too cute to drink.


“When I was thinking about how to surprise customers, I happened to come up with latte art. Lately, customers aren’t satisfied with ordinary pictures. So I practiced making 3D images, rather than being limited by a flat surface.”

Kohei Matsuno starts the creative process by preparing a larger amount of milk foam. He then quickly pours it into the cup and starts work on shaping it decorating them with a sharp utensil, usually a toothpick.

Mattsun only has five minute to make his masterpieces before the delicate medium begins to deteriorate.

“I pour in the foam without hesitation and draw the picture quickly. Because we have barely five minutes to enjoy the clear shape of subjects, this is a battle against time.”

Check his twitter: https://twitter.com/latte_artist_jk


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