Gummy Bear Art by Johannes Cordes

German artist Johannes Cordes uses gummy bear as an art medium to create colorful works of art.

Sometimes he is sponsored by gummy bear maker Haribo. But since gummy bears come in only six colors,
Johannes Cordes has developed his own techniques to add the necessary colors and preserving his gummy bear art.

He uses acrylic paints and special crayons on the back of the gummy bears and adds up to 10 color coats and shadings to achieve the desired effect. Once all the gummy bears are in place, he uses a special varnish to hold them all in place.

He spend a lot of his time just sorting the gummy bears to ensure he gets the perfect gummy bears for his art.

Johannes unique art requires at least 3 tons of gummy bears a year, that’s around 200 packs a week.

Each of his gummy bear portrait takes from 100 to 240 hours to complete.

The best distance to admire his creations is from 10 – 20 meters away.

Check his website:

Check the video:

Images and source taken from dailymail


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