Finger Painting by Paolo Troilo

Italian artist Paolo Troilo only use his fingertips to create these incredibly beautiful works of art.

".. I paint with my whole hands only. I decided to start painting in 2004 and I did it with my hands because I… forgot to buy the brushes! You don’t pick your signature, I think, it just evolves with you, it shows in what we do, all of a sudden appears. Some of us will never experience that “revelation”."

"I use my body, my face only because it’s the only one constantly available 24/7, and every day is the only one able to describe my thoughts. I am trying to build in every painting a manifesto of an emotion, of an idea. As the canvas could retain an imprinting recognizable to everyone, about something we removed. As the rage, that in my works tries to be freed. Or love. I am an iconoclast so I try to destroy icons and create infinite ones."

All images are © Copyright of Paolo Troilo

Source: Swide

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