Brilliant Billboard Advertising Campaigns

Billboard advertisements are designed to create a memorable impression very quickly. Check these brilliant billboard advertisements from all around the world :)

McDonald's Sundial Billboard

McDonald's has installed a billboard that functions as a sundial in Chicago in 2006.

Ad agency Leo Burnett, with the help of an engineer, researched the best possible location to achieve the cool effect.

The aluminum replica of McDonald’s arches (which are 4 x 3.5 feet) casting its shadow on a different breakfast item each hour until noon when it casts an undistorted shadow on a sandwich, signaling lunchtime.


McDonald's Fresh Salad Billboard

This sign occupied the same Chicago billboard as awards-winning "Sundial" above.


Leo Burnett with the help of the nation’s leading horticulturists, his students, a set builder and a team of gardeners, located a South-facing billboard (for maximum sunlight) and grew 17 varieties of lettuce that go into a McDonald’s salad in a vertical garden planted on it.

The seeds were planted in soil-based materials and arranged to spell the words. Over three weeks, thousands of heads of lettuce grew to spell out ‘Fresh Salads’.

An army of gardeners watering and pruning twice a day.

McDonald's Giant Egg Billboard

A McDonald's in Chicago is featuring a billboard of a giant mechanical egg that cracks open at 6 a.m., revealing a yolk with “Fresh Eggs Daily” printed on it at the same time as McDonalds will be cooking up fresh eggs.


The egg closes back up by 10:30 a.m., when breakfast eggs are no longer available and stays shut until the next morning.

Newcastle Brown Ale Billboard

Using about 3,000 Newcastle bottle caps and a single light source on a 128 square foot billboard, Ellis Gallagher and Pablo Power have created a giant shadow figure.


It reminds me of Kumi Yamashita's shadow art (Check the post here).

Sampoerna A Mild Billboard

Cigarette company A-Mild, created this creative billboard that appears differently during day time and night time. It was broadcasted during fasting month (Ramadan) that related to those customers in Indonesia, which are mostly adhered to the Muslim religion.

At noon (when people do fasting), the plate, glass and bowl looks empty. But, at night (break-fasting time), it becomes full of delight foods, fruit and drinks. It was written “Siang dipendam, Malam balas dendam” which means “Refrained at daytime, Revenged at night.” Literally, its message is a reflection of people during the fasting month in which they generally implementing fasting only as preventing themselves from eat, drink, and intercourse during daylights. And, as maghrib (the dusk) comes, they hastily and greedily take a revenge.

University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC)

University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) teamed up with ad agency Mayo DraftFCB, created this billboard that turns air humidity into drinking water.


Located northern edge of the Atacama, the driest desert in the world, the city of Lima and its surrounding villages get around 0.51 inches of precipitation per year.


Because it sits along the southern Pacific Ocean, the humidity in the city is about 83%. With this fact, UTEC struck with the idea of a billboard that would convert Lima’s H2O-saturated air into potable water.

The world’s first billboard that generates water from air humidity contains five generators that make up a reverse osmosis system. This ingenious device is capable of producing up to 25 gallons (96 liters) of water a day during summer, and in the three months since it was installed, it has already supplied 9,450 liters of clean drinking water for a nearby community.

Koleston Naturals: Change

Koleston Naturals used a billboard that strategically positioned on a perfect place that has an unspoiled view of the sea and skyline behind it.


The billboard uses the sunset and moonlight to illustrate their superior hair color products and change the woman’s hair color to capture the variations and natural aspects of Koleston products.

Max Factor Waterproof Mascara: Tear Drops

Michael Conrad & Leo Burnett advertising agency created a rain-sensitive billboard for Max Factor in Germany.

The creative billboard features beautiful woman with perfect eyelashes. However, in rainy weather, it gives the effect that the mascara is leaking.

Calvin Klein Underwear: Rain


The Economist: Lightbulb

This billboard ad for The Economist, in London, UK, was created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.


The billboard uses a motion sensor so that the lightbulb actually lights up when people walking beneath it.

XBox, Alan Wake: Coffin Light


Microsoft Canada created this unique campaign to support the launch of Alan Wake, the highly anticipated psychological action thriller game.


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