Chicken Feathers Painting by Dinh Thong

Vietnamese self-taught artist, Dinh Thong (also known as Dinh Ngoc Dat), created these unique paintings using chicken feathers.


"I love painting and have read a lot books on art. I initially glued a couple of feathers together as gifts for my friends when I realised their true potential. I did my first piece right after finishing high school."


He collects dry cock feathers from poultry shops in town. The feathers can only be taken from a living chicken, as dead fowl’s feathers do not retain their original colors and change shape considerably. He then cleans, dries and sterilizes the feathers and stores them in plastic bags until needed .

"It's meticulous work. I take hours to sort out hundreds of cock feathers and match them to pictures."


Chicken feathers range in color from white, light and dark yellow, brown, grey and turquoise-tinted black. They provide an excellent palette to recreate landscapes and historic architecture.

"I also try to use several colours of feathers, of which primary dark brown is a major. It takes me at least two days to finish a small size 40 by 60cm picture."

"Long oar and tail feathers are perfect for abstracts, while small feathers are superb for still-life, landscape and portrait paintings."


"Portraits are always the most difficult work because it's not easy to capture the twinkle of eyes. It's very different from working on canvas or using water-colours. I use glue feathers on paper."

"It only took me a couple of hours to stick hundreds of feathers onto a still-life picture which had taken me a month to sketch."


"While art is my passion, I still have to do odd jobs to provide for my family."

The finished painting, which cost anywhere from US$1,000-2,000, is protected under glass in a wooden frame, making the work airtight and lasting.


“It’s hard to part with the paintings as they are just like my children, each one is a unique piece.”

“I hope my art will help safeguard the environment. That is the most important thing,”

Source: vietnamnet and vietnambreakingnews


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