Food Speed Painting by Vivi Mac

France-based freelance artist Vivi Mac creates detailed celebrity portraits from any kind of food.

Bruce Lee in milk is titled ‘Bruce Lait’ (“lait” is French for milk).

Vivi Mac learnt the basics of drawing and painting from online resources, like Facebook and blogs

Amy Winehouse, painted with wine

Despite not having any formal art training, Vivi Mac has created a series of incredible celebrity portraits titled ‘Art Ephemere’, referencing the temporary nature of her food-based artworks.

Obama, painted in sugarcane (sucre de canne - the pun is "Yes we can(ne)"

Her choice of food in each artwork usually derives from a food-related pun in the celebrity’s name.

Jack Sparrow, painted with rum

Forrest Gump, painted with chocolate

Michael Jackson, painted with children's milk

Martin Luther King, painted with coffee

Gandhi, painted with chocolate milk

Yoda, in black licorice

Will Smith, painted with condensed milk

Lauryn Hill, painted with caramel

Eminem, painted with honey

Mona Lisa, painted with BBQ sauce

Timbaland, painted with thyme (Thymbaland?)

Thierry Henry, painted with rice

Ice Cube, painted with ice cube and salt

All images are © Copyright of Vivi Mac

Check her website:


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