3D Pencil Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

Alessandro Diddi creates anamorphic drawings that look like they’re coming to life.

"I want my drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind and make you believe that there are dimensions that are not really there."

“When people see my drawings they are often pleasantly surprised, they fail to understand exactly how I’ve managed to achieve the 3D look.”

“When you understand the mechanism of the anamorphic design, you realize that putting together drawing like this is really not so difficult.”

He uses simple props like pencils, a wedding ring etc and angles and shading to trick your eyes and brain into seeing something magical.

"My goal is always to create something new and original, which people will want to look at and feel intrigued by."

"By simply trying to combine my two passions: the freehand drawing and three-dimensional representation, I was able to come up with these different designs."

"Although there is no message I'm trying to get across through my drawings, I do think it's important that people realise it is not necessary to consume a large amount of resources to achieve something interesting."

"All you need is a pencil and something to draw on, and you can create something really magical."

All images are © Copyright of Alessandro Diddi

Source: Dailymail


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