Incredible Junk Sculptures

Artist: Dario Tironi

Italian artist Dario Tironi glue together various discarded objects and create detailed sculptures.

Check his website:‎

Artist: Robert Bradford

Part-time psychotherapist from Cornwall, UK, Robert Bradford uses up to 3,000 used toys to make incredible toy sculptures that sells for prices as high as £12,000 each.

"I was staring into my children's cast-off toy boxes one day and thought they looked really beautiful."

"The toys made a great combination of colours, shapes and textures all jumbled up and it gave me the idea to glue, stick and screw them together into a new "being" or species."

Check his website:

Source: dailymail

Artist: Leo Sewell

Leo Sewell creates beautiful sculptures made of junk objects, assembled with nails, bolts and screws.

Each sculpture sell for $2,000 to $100,000.

“I will go to flea markets. I beg my friends not to forget me. My favorite is just cleaning out a building,”

Check his website:

Artist: Hiroshi Fuji (藤浩志)

Kagoshima artist and designer Hiroshi Fuji created these eco-friendly art using old toys.






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