Massive Drawings by Manabu Ikeda

Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda spends up to two years to draw these massive, intricate drawings in a blank paper canvas with a small acrylic pen.

"History of rise and fall" 2006

"History of rise and fall" - details

"The shape, color, and expression of nature… water, bugs, trees and weather, all those provide me with heart pumping sensations and questions. They strongly attract me. I agree that we benefit a lot from advanced technology, but at the same time, I feel that we are acting contrary to nature, which makes me feel endangered."

"Existence" 2004

"Regeneration" 2001

"Ark" 2005

"Drifter" 2011

"Territory" 2004


"Foretoken" - details

"Foretoken" - details

"Foretoken" - details

Images taken from here and here


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