Beautiful Hyper-realistic Female Nude Paintings by Omar Ortiz

Guadalajara-based artist Omar Ortiz creates hyper-realistic female nude paintings.

"I love oil paint because I think it is the noblest way of painting, it allows you to do things that the other techniques do not, the quality of colors is really good, you can work with thick opaque paint or very thin transparent layers; the time of drying allows merging the tones very well to obtain the realism I look for in my work. I usually work with canvases stretched with linen because of the quality and durability of the material."

"Since I started painting I have always tried to represent things as real as I can. Sometimes I succeed and some others I don´t but it´s a fact that it is very difficult for me to do otherwise."

"I enjoy the challenge of reproducing skin tones and it´s nuances under natural light, particularly in bright conditions. I like simplicity in my pieces since I believe that excesses make us more poor rather than rich."

"For now, I am not planning on changing my central theme: Female nude. I could paint the human figure for all my life and still feel that there are more things to explore. The female nude is one of the most beautiful things in the world; it is something I love to do."

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Source: Sunrise Artists


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