Make-Up Drawings by Hong Yi

In honor of the Chinese New Year, Shanghai-based architect and artist Hong Yi is using make-up to create these beautiful Chinese scenes and objects.

2014 and horse body made of eyeshadow

"Chinese art requires a lot of precision and skill — one stroke can make a huge difference, and many times, less is more. I felt that this is similar to how a woman carefully puts on her make-up."

Goldfish drawn with mascara

Koi and lilypads made with green shimmery eyeshadow and orange nail polish

Cranes made of damp cotton wool, eyeliner and bits of lipstick

Guilin mountains and river made of loose powder

Tiny village and a red hot sun, painted with nail polish

Pine tree painting — leaves made of fake eyelashes stuck on with eyelash glue, and liquid eyeliner for the trunk

A natural scene done with a mascara, eyeliner, and some eyeshadow

A tree made from shavings of an eye pencil

Cherry blossoms blooming in spring painted with nail polish

Fiery red firecracker and lanterns made with a lipstick

‘Monkey King’ opera mask made of nail polish, eyeliner and eyeshadow

Chinese opera mask of zhu bajie or ‘pig’ in 'Journey to the West', made with eyeliner and some brown/gold eyeshadow

Upside-down 'Fu' character made of crushed blusher, representing burnt firecrackers scattered on the ground

Check her other artworks in our previous post here and here.

All images are © Copyright of Hong Yi


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