Woodcut Print by Tugboat Printshop

Pittsburgh-based artists Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth at Tugboat Printshop created gorgeous carvings. Check some of their works :)

For this amazing carving of the moon, they spent alot of time hunkered over the big blocks drawing & carving.

"First, we made a drawing of just the moon on a block of 3/4" birch plywood in black pen. The size of the block is approx 36" x 32". Then, we carved out the drawing in low relief with hand-held chisels, gauges and knives."

"The blue night sky was then drawn in around the moon on the same block and carved out as well."

"We drew the night sky backdrop of "THE MOON" in a color we thought might look nice (blue), and then carved that too. Before printing, we jigsawed out the moon shape from the blue backdrop. Below is the finished key block, completely carved and ready to print."

Check more about the making process here

For this woodcut print titled 'Moth', no computers or digital technologies are used.

"A nocturnal creature, but a symbol of hope & newness, none-the-less. A soft and fluttering presence, a meticulous and complex emblem of the building blocks that shape our natural world."

"An additional block was drawn & carved to add more color behind the linework in the image above. (See the two blocks that are printed to make the "MOTH" print below!)"

Check more about the making process here

This woodcut print titled 'Desert Island' reimagines a classic comic desert island scenario. Though a desert island would suggest a lack of amenities, this island is brimming with them.

"'DESERT ISLAND' was drawn by Paul and Valerie directly onto a block of 3/4" birch plywood; first in pencil, then in pen. The finished drawing was then hand-carved in low relief for printing."

"The center of "DESERT ISLAND" shows a complex patterning of objects."

Check more about the making process here

"Our hope is that through our work we can foster greater public appreciation for the arts, cultivate greater interest in owning original art, & stir up newfound interest for traditionally printed works on paper."

Check their website: http://tugboatprintshop.blogspot.sg/ and http://www.tugboatprintshop.com 


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