Creative Honey Packaging Designs

Check these beautiful and creative honey packaging designs to inspire you.. :)

BZZZ Armenian Honey

Backbone Studio, a design studio from Yerevan, Armenia, conceived packaging out of wood as an improvised beehive place holder to contain honey.


Honey, I'm Home Honey

Designed by Alisara Tareekes, the shape of the jar is hexagon to mimic the hexagonal honey comb structure. For the gift set, a wooden box is crafted to look like a modern honey frame that is filled with honey in each space. The jars are arranged at random to reflect natures randomness.


Beeline Honey

Awesome packaging by graphic designer Josh Abel.


BEEloved Honey

Serbian artist Tamara Mihajlović designed through the combination of diamond shapes and bee forms.


Goris Honey

Designed by Lilit Shahbazyan, this Goris honey packaging has a unique shape.


Babees Organic Honey

The honey jar has black strips on it and the box that contains the jars in made light blue to give it a light feeling as it is organic honey.


Honey Packaging Concept by Maksim Arbuzov

This is just a packaging concept by graphic designer Maksim Arbuzov from Moscow. I cannot resist to put it in this post as it is really amazing! Very simple and yet creative.



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