Hand Painting Illusions by Annie Ralli

London-based body painter, who is also a former BBC scenic artist, Annie Ralli created a series of hand paintings as a part of advertising campaign for Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, an insurance company using a witty slogan “You’re in good hands”.

Photographed by Ray Massey, Annie uses palms, fingers, fingernails, and fists as the canvas to presents eight craftily executed eye illusions for the campaign.

“Bodypainting is a skill I perfected working with stills photographers.”

“It is meticulous work, but it has to be carried out at speed, partly because the “cavas” walkas away at the end of the day and partly because paint is less stable on a living, moving base. The work is fun and the results can be beautiful.”

Her artworks remind me of Guido Daniele's impressive hand painting art that we posted here :)

Check out the video to take a look at the effort that went into the making of the photos.

Check her website: http://www.annieralli.com/


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