Sugar Solarium by William Lamson

Artist William Lamson created a solarium (a glass-enclosed room that is exposed to the sun) with 162 windows made from carmelized sugar at the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York.

"Like a mountain chapel or Thoreau’s one-room cabin, Solarium references a tradition of isolated outposts designed for reflection. Each of the 162 panels is made of sugar cooked to different temperatures and then sealed between two panes of window glass."

"The space functions as both an experimental greenhouse, growing three species of miniature citrus trees, and a meditative environment."

"In warm months, a 5×8 ft panel on each side of the house opens up to allow viewers to enter and exit the house from all directions. In addition to creating a pavilion like environment, this design references the architecture of a plant leaf, where the stomata opens and closes to help regulate the plants temperature."

All images are © Copyright of William Lamson

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