Glass Butterflies by Michael Crowder

Artist Michael Crowder created a collection of glass butterflies titled 'Mariposa Mori', using a technique called pâte de verre that involves the fusion of tiny glass particles.

"The butterflies are made in a method called pâte de verre, which translates to “paste of glass.” Itself a 19th century French creation, pâte de verre is at its simplest melting glass particles together."

"The variation on this technique that I have developed is to use very small particles of glass roughly the size of grains of sugar and to heat them to a precisely controlled point where I can melt and fuse the particles together, but still allow them to retain an open crystalline surface texture. The effect is almost impossibly delicate and fragile looking, as a butterfly wing should be."

"The Mariposa mori series can be seen as a visual meditation on ideas of the fragile, the fleeting, beauty lost, and memory transformed."

"These impossibly delicate-looking pâte de verre butterflies have been stripped of their most obvious enchantment—their beautiful color and patterns—and now remain as mere ghosts of their former selves, all the more striking despite their loss… "

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