"Beauty and the Beast" - Vogue by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz made these stunning pictures for Vogue US (April 2005 edition).

The Beauty and the Beast storyline sets the entire feature off, creating not just another fashion shoot, but a beautiful story. A very creative concept :D

I must say... Drew Barrymore is an interesting choice as Belle :-/

A Thorny Problem - Her sisters demanded fine gowns and furs. All that Beauty wished for was a rose.
Beauty finds herself captive in the Beast’s palace when she selflessly offers herself up to save her father from the Beast’s almighty wrath. [Her father's crime: picking a rose for his daughter from the Beast's garden.]

A Feast for the Eyes - "Enjoy your meal," the Beast growled earnestly. "Everything in this house is yours."
Every night, the Beast proposed marriage to Beauty, but she refused him again and again.

A Haunting Melody - Sometimes Beauty heard music and voices floating through the lonely palace, but she never saw a single soul.
The Beast adorned Beauty with the finest robes and jewels.

Through the Looking Glass - A magic mirror revealed more than Beauty's exquisiteness: She glimpsed her father, deathly ill with remorse at having lost his favorite daughter.
“It’s quite a shame that the Beast is so ugly,” sighed Beauty, “for he is so good.”

A Dark Horse - "I promise to return," she said to the noble Beast - and then galloped through the dark woods to her father's bedside.
She wouldn't leave the gentle Beast alone long.

Midnight in the Garden - The Beast looked as if he had died of a broken heart. Beauty wept and threw herself upon him. Only after she kissed him did he turn back into the handsome prince he was... released at last from a spell of a wicked fairy.
“I thought I felt only friendship toward you,” cried Beauty, “but I see that I love you.”

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