Porcelain Flowers of Vladimir Kanevsky

Ukrainian-born artist Vladimir Kanevsky creates realistic handcrafted porcelain flowers.

To create one of his stunning artworks, Vladimir consults an existing stock of hundreds of different blossoms he has sculpted from European clay.


"I have a pretty extensive catalog, and most people ask me for something from that," he says.

He designs by sketching the plant on his computer, before handcrafting it from clay. He takes them apart, bud by bud, leaf by leaf, and scans the pieces into his computer.

“I reverse engineer them before I reconstruct them. I have a library of flower parts in my computer.”


From the scans he makes sketches, and from his sketches he sculpts the clay. Vladimir then paints each flower by hand.

"I am not trying to make fake flowers, but rather sculpture about flowers."

"One needs to keep a balance between the real color of real materials and the fiction of painting. I recently discontinued a newly designed line of more heavily painted flowers because it looked too naturalistic, like a theater prop."


He often adding tiny imperfections like bent stems, spots or insect bites to add to the realism.


He used to make the green bits (the stems and leaves) from porcelain, but they were so prone to breaking that he now constructs them of painted metal, or tole that is embossed, hammered and formed, and then attached to stems fashioned of copper wire.


“I always loved botany in school, and next I had the idea to do a flower.”


“I like flowers because they have a logical structure to them. It’s like architecture. The inner structure of a flower is like a good building.”

Vladimir Kanevsky’s porcelain flowers custom orders are priced from $3,000 for a hollyhock to $20,000 for a large cluster of lilacs and can take roughly a month to complete.

Check his website: http://www.vladimircollection.com

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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