Paper Theater by Elly MacKay

Ontario, Canada-based artist Elly MacKay (aka Theater Clouds) constructs wonderfully whimsical dioramas inside a 1' x 2' box.

Elly creates her unique illustrations by making miniature worlds and then photographing them in her special paper theater.

She begin by using a combination of papers such as parchment paper, dollhouse wallpaper, Yupo paper (a synthetic plastic paper) and Mylar to line the box.

She uses Yupo paper for the ‘paper dolls’, which she colors with ink and then cuts out. They're carefully set in place using wire and adhesives.

"My photographs have a storybook feel, though they are also cinematic, with intense colours and lighting."

"Aesthetically, I am inspired by Victorian toys, and the old fairytales I was read as a child."

"Making my images is a fluid process. I work with inks and yupo paper to make the ‘paper dolls’ and backgrounds."

"I then set them up in the mini theater. I play with the lighting, filters, composition and settings on my camera and take numerous shots to get one with the feeling I am looking for."

She usually takes about 50 pictures before picking out her favourite.

MacKay began illustrating a children's book called 'If You Hold A Seed', check out the video..

All images are © Copyright of Elly MacKay

Check her website:


Gia Volterra de Saulnier said...

Beautiful! I am amazed by her creativity!

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