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Designer: Joe Massie

This Valentine's Day-themed gown designed by Joe Massie is made from 1,725 flowers and took 170 hours to make.


The petals from Naomi red roses cover the entire body. Fifteen Carmen roses and 200 chrysanthemums, decorated with gold-leaf, adorn the hip and skirt of the sexy split-legged design, and 150 purple Power roses petals, 75 gerberas and 300 carnations have been used on the hem giving the gown the perfect finish. The entire look was completed with a pair of rose petal covered stiletto shoes.


"Creating this dress was a big challenge, and incredible experience. I wanted to embody everything a romantic bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers should be – classic, elegant and with a sexy twist. I hope it inspires people to treat their loved ones with an extra special bunch of flowers this Valentine’s Day."

Source: dailymail

Designer: Niels van Eljk and Miriam van der Lubbe

Flower Council of Holland and Holex Flower designed two gowns - named Miss Blue and Miss Sensuous - made completely of Dutch blossoms.


Miss Blue weighs 220.5 pounds while Miss Sensuous is 385 pounds.


Xiao Fan from China made a dress out of 9,999 deep red roses to propose his girlfriend, Yin Mi at the Guangzhou Chime-Long Paradise where they first met each other.

Designer: Lisa Dickinson

Owner of Manchester florist Venus Flowers, Lisa Dickinson and four florists spent over a week working on a dress made entirely of flowers.

“The challenge was to keep the dress looking fresh for as long as possible, the trick to making the dress endure was to use flowers that wouldn’t wither and die after a few hours, so I made the full skirt of the dress out of wax flowers—which is a really tough shrub—but with delicate sprays of flower heads.”.

Designer: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen created this Misscheriedior, a dress made from real flowers for his spring 2007 collection.

"Things rot. It was all about decay. I used flowers because they die".


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Maravilloso. Te alabo por tu creatividad e imaginación. No he visto vestidos más originales y hermosos. Enhorabuena.

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