Ground Coffee Art by Liv Buranday

Philippines-based nursing student Liv Buranday, aka @livscreams, uses coffee grounds to make these clever illustrations and shares the creations via Instagram.

"What I like about Instagram is that you get to see a lot of awesome artsy photos, and l got hooked looking at minimalistic art. This also inspired me to do minimalistic photos/art of my own that lead me to create ‪#‎groundcoffeeart‬."

"What inspired me to do #groundcoffeeart is my father's love for coffee. I've always known him to love brewed coffee, and then a thought popped out when he opened that Folgers Classic Roast—perhaps I can use its contents as art."

She uses hands and a toothpick to organize the coffee grounds, occasionally adding small props to complete the scene. She then photographs each piece against a white background.

"Just a month ago I've decided to apply glue for its permanent effect because on my previous #groundcoffeeart my patience was really tested."

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