Amazing Pancake Art by Tiger Tomato

Australian father and son duo, going by the Youtube username Tiger Tomato, created these incredibly detailed and delicious beloved cartoon characters made out of pancake batter dyed with food colouring.

"We are from an arty family and we adore pancakes so it was only a matter of time. We also loved the idea of art and food coming together in such a pleasurable way."

They begin by creating a mixture of food coloring, basic pancake mix, and water, and inserting it into a squeeze bottle.

Using the bottle, they outline the animated character on a griddle and filled it in with additional mix, flipped over, and cooked it just like a regular pancake.

The Tiger Tomato started their venture into pancake art by posting a colorful pancake rainbow video in March 2015, which has had over 154,000 views.

"The responses have been overwhelming to say the least! We started this for fun and never ever expected there to be so much interest."

"For the simple designs, we don't really plan, we just go for it! For more complex characters like Elsa we do a sketch first. Anna is another popular character and we plan to do this in the near future."

"We came up with the name Tiger Tomato for our YouTube channel believe it or not- the name came to us eating a tomato while watching a tiger! We are yet to decide who is Tiger and who is Tomato."

Check their Youtube

Source: dailymail, mymodernmet


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