Tactile Typography by Dominique Falla

Australia-based artist Dominique Falla created these large scale typographic piece using thousands of pins and hundreds of meters of string.

"I drew the type by hand, scanned it, redrew it in Illustrator and then made the physical from pin and string. Hundreds and hundreds of meters of string!"

“I get bored very easily, and I also think if there’s a concept behind what the piece is saying, the way it says it should also reinforce the concept. My thought process usually goes "what am I trying to say?” and then once I devise a quote or statement, I try and work out if anything in the statement suggests a medium or technique."

"I’ve had many false starts, pieces that didn’t quite work, pieces that needed fixing and so on. Sometimes they’re so bad that I’m forced to change my concept mid-project. I read somewhere it’s called ‘confusion endurance’. You don’t always know what you’re doing but you need to cultivate the energy to just keep going anyway."

"The gaffer tape typography on the concrete floor of the 'Goodbye Helvetica’ installation was definitely the most painful. I couldn’t walk properly for a couple of days."

"The 4.5m x 2.4m Goodbye Helvetica string and pin piece completed three metres up in the air on a scissor-lift was the scariest and I recently made a portrait of a man’s face out of 8100 squares of paper and that was the longest. I don’t think I will be doing another large-scale paper mosaic any time soon. I have a lot of patience for tedium, much more than anyone I know, but boy did that test it."

Check her website: www.dominiquefalla.com/

Source: 8faces


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