Face to Face by Ege Carpets

Danish carpet manufacturer Ege Carpets and young designer Brian Frandsen teamed up to create this 'Face to Face' project.

“Face to Face is brash and personal: Brian Frandsen’s own face has been scanned and used as a pattern for the many carpets that have been cut out and placed vertically and in layers.”

In total, 920 m2 of carpet, cut up into 250 layers is composed into a three-dimensional portrait.

"Face to Face questions how we perceive faces and how our brain plays us tricks when a two-dimensional image is transferred onto a three-dimensional shape."

"The installation was part of the exhibition The Tube, at Salone del Mobile Milano 2012. The Tube is promoting Kolding School of Design at the Milan Design week. Each year seven students and graduates are paired up with a Danish company to produce an experience within the frame of a nine-inch cargo container."


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