Figurative Wire Mesh Sculptures by Edoardo Tresoldi

Rome-based scenographer, painter and sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi constructs amazing sculpture using chicken wire.

"I am a sculptor, set designer and a painter. My artistic work is based on the narrative of interiority and human feelings, accomplished through the use of the transparency, in a balance between contemplation and movement."

"Through these figures emerging from wire, I strive to capture the relation of the human body to space."

"The relationship between the individual and the space that surrounds him is still as a drawing, but live like a beam of light or a shadow."

"In my work, forms create volumes that invest imaginary figure and dissect shaping the feeling, the real protagonist of the narrative”.

"The unimposing transparency of the material is intended to offer a moment or a memory: as in a photo or a letter."

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