Specimen of Memory by Hsin-Chien Huang

Taiwan-based artist Hsin-Chien Huang constructed these intricately layered sculptures of the eye and ear preserved in lucite, respectively titled 'Lux Capsule' and 'Vox Capsule', as part of his 'Specimen of Memory' series.

"This project came from my memory. When I was a little child, a doctor erroneously diagnosed and treated me, resulting in a scar on my right eye cornea. My eyesight was significantly impaired, I couldn't feel objects three-dimensionally and couldn't judge the actual distances between myself and things."

"But my eyesight was given back ten years later, thanks to a donor from Sri Lanka. One day the cornea from an unknown donor was transported to Taiwan, and after surgery the tissue of a stranger began to be a part of me. Since that time, the world I have experienced is partly through a past stranger."

"An imagined scene often occurred in my head: In an airplane, a cornea encased in a frozen container was transported to another country. The cornea still carried the memory of the past life of its owner."

"The experience of having a transplanted cornea inspired me to create the series of "Specimen of Memory". I produced the specimens of sensual organs: eyes, ears, mouths and noses, and I sealed their sections in transparent plates. Thus the memories contained in these organs were transformed into the form of a journal."

"The audience can see through the spatial structure inside, and as the audiences change their angles, they see different layers of graphics, signs, words that can be read from the three-dimensional arrangement of sections. It seems that they could leap out and suspend in the air, breaking away from the separation of book pages and array themselves to form an axis of time."

"Gears are like people, they can only move or function when one is connected to another. One's teeth bite the body of the others and also being bitten by the others, otherwise every gear would rotate in vain and the whole machine stops. The closer the two gears are, the bigger bites they have on each other and are creating greater power. The price is each of them enjoys less freedom; they are deeply bound in the system."

Check his website: http://www.storynest.com


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