Viscurrealistic Fabrications by Ron Ulicny

Portland, Oregon-based artist and craftsman Ron Ulicny creates these strange sculptures that grabbed our attention and often leave us with a smile be it in humor or wonder.

"I do use a lot of older/reclaimed materials but, I also use just as many brand new things as well. I will use WHATEVER it takes and fits with the piece. I can’t really explain what draws me to a particular object in general. Usually a feeling first. I am also drawn to design elements, color, & style. I guess it also depends if I’m searching for something specific at the moment or not for a specific piece. Objects that inspire me are endless. Too many “things” in the world to ever get bored. I like putting familiar things in unfamiliar positions and context."

"When it comes to creating the things I do, I really feel like the piece has already been decided, or already been made. I just need to bring it forth—to “produce” it. My hands and I are just the vehicle for the piece. I’m the mechanic. I’m the draughtsman. The worker. Fate is one of those suspicious words you usually either do or don’t believe."

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Source: anobiumlit


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