Glen Ronald, The Chaos Whisperer

Canadian artist Glen Ronald created paintings that are called chaosmos, for he creates a field of chaos and pulls the cosmos (or order) out of it.

He transformed crackled paint and frenetic ink splatters into portraits of people and animals.

"I use several techniques such as splashing ink, spraying water, and applying the paint with unusual methods."

"I am inspired by chaos, music, nature, science, spiritual questions, and human psychology."

"When I first started, I was trying to do automatic drawing—drawing from my subconscious and creating chaotic shapes manually. And then it branched out into experimenting with trying to create chaos—chaotic patterns—just in a more truly chaotic way. Instead of me drawing something that I think looks like chaos, which I was really drawn to for some reason, I was like, “I’m going to start using actual chaos and forcing myself to work with what’s really there.” And that could involve pouring of liquids, pouring of inks, experimenting with stamping inks onto a surface—whatever you have to do to get wild-looking textures. And then I’d do that searching and reflecting on that chaos, looking at it and trying to see what’s in there that’s meaningful and I always had this—one of my little weird rules in my head is that it has to be meaningful. I think that goes back to your world view or your beliefs: do you believe life is meaningful or do you believe it’s meaningless? ’Cause that would come out in whatever art you would create from that."

"So if I looked at a blotch, I’m looking at it in the same way a kid looks at some clouds. Looking at this, you know, is this a dragon’s head? Or is this the tail and the head of a wolf? I’m going to look for opportunities in that chaos and if a wolf starts to present itself, then I’ll go with that, but I’ll go with it in the way that it’s naturally headed. I want to bring that thing out—and then you pull it out of the shapes, the textures that are there. If I make some chaos…I’ll look at that and say that’s beautiful and that’s got a lot of potential and that’s where I would want to work with something that if I made one, and if it looks ugly and it looked like a dead end, I’d probably just chuck it out and start over."

Check his website: and Etsy store

Source: markermagazine


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