Needle Felted Animals by Cindy Thompson

Lincolnshire based self taught needle felt artist Cindy Thompson created these realistic animals made of felt.

"I am completely self taught and although I needle felt any animal, I specialise in very realistic dogs of all breeds. My parents bred/trained/boarded dogs and other animals and were one of the first kennels in the country to have the contract from surrounding police stations to keep/re-home and sadly destroy stray dogs."

"I discovered needle felting by accident on YouTube where I stumbled across a Japanese needle felted cat which captivated me."

"At that time I was unable to find any information on needle felting, and there wasn't even anything available on YouTube. I asked one artist a few questions to get me started, but they ignored me, so, I decided to work it all out myself."

"I started needle felting in September 2012 and have been addicted to it since."

"I am completely self taught, and will sculpt any animal but specialise in breeds of dog."

"Determined and not the type to be beaten, through trial and error, I have created my own techniques, from wire frame making, processing my own base wool, attaching longer coats, blending and clipping and doing finishing touches to the final creature. Each felt teaches me something different and new and pushes my knowledge of working with this wonderful fibre. I have also felted with dog fur for some commissions, which has been surprisingly successful."

Each of the dogs takes a minimum of six hours to felt, and long-coated breeds even longer.

Check her Etsy store and Flickr

Source: worldofwool


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